On Easter Day, On The Straw

Translated by Mary Skrypnyk

Out in the sun on Easter day,
The children played upon the straw,
Their Easter eggs they each displayed,
Then boasting began to show off
Their finery. This one received
A new blouse for the holy feast,
Embroidered too. One a ribbon,
And one with laces bought was pleased.
A cap of dappled grey one got,
One in horse-hide boots delighted,
One in a jacket. Only one,
No gift to brag about, she sat,
An orphan child, her little hands
Tucked into sleeves to keep them warm.
She hears: — My mother bought me this.
—This was from my father.
—And this embroidered blouse of mine
My godmother gave.
—And I my lunch ate with the priest,
Said the orphan maid.

                      1849, Kos-Aral