Our Collections

The Shevchenko Museum is home to a substantial collection of art, books,  cultural artifacts, and pioneer tools and implements, representing early  Ukrainian immigration to Canada. These items are distributed throughout  the various galleries, exhibition spaces, and library, with the central focus  being on the life, art, and literary legacy of Taras Shevchenko. The  museum also houses specially-commissioned copies of Shevchenko's  paintings, produced by professional artists in Ukraine.

Among the holdings are various editions of Shevchenko’s Kobzar (a small  representation of the over 120 in the museum’s collection), and a philatelic collection honouring the poet.  

The extensive Shevchenkiana research library, with over 1400 volumes,  features copies of Shevchenko’s original poetry and prose; contemporary  academic publications; books reflecting the history of his time; and works  celebrating his genius. Donated by the Ukrainian collector Oleh Ovcharenko, a rare Shevchenkiana book collection constitutes a valuable  segment of the museum’s ever-expanding library and archive. 

Additionally, the museum has works of prominent Ukrainian artists and  holds exhibitions of their work, as well as that of contemporary Ukrainian Canadian artists.